Are the builds regularly updated with monthly security patches?

Greetings everyone.
I came across e only a little while ago and joined today.
I have a Redmi Note 3 which will be receiving its last (unofficial) Nougat update anytime now. Pie and later builds aren’t as stable. Hence I prefer Nougat as long as latest security updates are available.
As mentioned in the title are the latest monthly security patches incorporated into the builds?

Hi @amn87 you can find your answer here

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Thanks for the clarification.

The FAQ says “Yes. We will download and apply the security patches for devices if they are available for download from the source.

Looking at the Android security bulletin pages, October 2019 was the last time that Nougat (Android 7) got patches:
And according to the German Wikipedia, Android 7 is no longer supported by Google: (I always find it hard to find definitive answers about when Google drops support for a major version of Android).

Putting those pieces together it looks like /e/ cannot provide monthly updates for Nougat as there are none available to download from source, right?

But of course I might be missing something. Like somebody (who?) backporting the patches that are only released for Android >=8.

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Ah so that’s what is meant by “source”.
BTW the last(unofficial ) Nougat update (AEX 4.6 ) for Redmi Note 3 has the January security patch so its possible I guess.

Yes backported patches are also applied


Ok, thanks for clearing that up!

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