Are there any Americans using this service and the eOS?

You’re welcome! I tested their service for 2 months with the $10/mo plan to verify that all was well before springing for an annual plan. I have both my S6 and S9 on their platform- no issues with 4G LTE at all.

Keep in mind that /e/OS currently doesn’t support VOLTE or WiFi calling at this time, even if the cell provider does (which AT&T via RedPocket does). This functionality is expected in /e/OS version 0.16.

Good luck to you.

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The S9 is an LTE (4G) phone and very much still supported on the ATT network.

I just had a similar experience with ATT. I transferred the sim from an S7 into an S9 (both running /e/). After the transfer I was able to make several calls successfully on the S9. Suddenly I got a text saying the phone would not work, and to call 611 to get an upgrade. Sure enough the only number I could dial was 611.

At first the rep insisted the phone was not supported so I politely asked to speak to a supervisor. After a few minutes on hold, it turns out she was not aware of (or willing to admit) the fact she had the ability to override this flag. After another minute she activated the phone and it’s working again.

My fellow Americans, how are we finding the /e/ experience so far?

Do your photos sync at all? I.e. between phone and cloud…that’s basically the only thing that doesn’t work for me.

With /e/ on my S9 the only things syncing are contacts and

I’m in the U.S. and I’ve been using /e/ on a Nexus 6P since the middle of last year. My carrier is T-Mobile.

My wants are minimal: phone calls, texts, occasional web browsing (with Firefox), take pictures & copy them to my laptop, play music. I can do all of those things, with some minor limitations.

The biggest problem I have is that it won’t do VoLTE (voice over the LTE data connection). That leaves me with marginal voice service at home, I live in a rural area with a weak cell signal. Data works well - I regularly tether my laptop for internet access.

If I remember correctly, syncing photos needs a change in settings to sync files. There’s no fine control of this - it’s all files, or no files. Since I have 128 GB of storage in my phone and can manually copy files to my laptop, I’ve never bothered to turn this on. I could fill my /e/ account storage limit and still have a lot of room on the phone.

The only setting I know of is in Accounts->Account Sync. Is there another? Maybe on the web/cloud page?

Here is where I go:
Settings>Accounts>“owner”>Account sync
I have all on except SMS.
I don’t know of another.

Hey @mcmd, just wanted to say thanks again. I was able to get the phone up and working with the GSMA plan from RedPocket. Haven’t had issues with calls, texts, or accessing the internet yet. The only extra step I had to take was setting the APN manually, which took all of 30 sec.

I would certainly suggest the same for others who ordered the pre-installed S9 from Europe. I don’t have a strong technological background, so I appreciate being able to plug in a SIM card and basically be good to go. Will definitely be learning more as I use /e/ over the next few weeks here.

That’s great to hear @dsand- glad to hear you had good success! :sunglasses:

It’s been around 90 days in for me and (knock on wood) I’ve experienced zero issues with the AT&T service. I wasn’t always so certain that it was going to work out as well as it has so far… :rofl:

I am using a Galaxy S9 SM-G960F/DS as a daily driver on TMobile. I have a family member doing the same with a S9+ SM-G965F/DS. I flashed the S9 myself (without the Easy Installer) and the S9+ was purchased from /e/ directly. Both run excellent! If I could go back I would go with the S9+. The preflashed S9+ came with Android 8.1, I flashed Android 10 to the S9. Neither is buggy. We purchased additional GBs on /e/'s cloud for backup. Solid OS! Thank you. I love owning my data and supporting a nonprofit who aligns with my ideals.

I originally tried to use these phones on a CDMA Verizon MVNO (Total Wireless) but it wouldn’t work and the OS wouldn’t let me change the APN settings so we moved to T-Mobile. TMobile MVNOs will work too. Here is a list :point_right:

"For now, our phones will work with the following carriers:

T-Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile, AT&T, Simple Mobile, Speedtalk Mobile, Ultra Mobile, Red Pocket Mobile, Ting, Tempo, Walmart Family Mobile, Pure TalkUSA, Straight Talk.

Our phones are not yet on the approved list on the Verizon network."


With the link provided Samsung 9 may i use my existing telephone number which is with AT&T?

Hi @weatherground I would check with your mobile provider. Some AT&T resellers (like Cricket) won’t activate the phone (even though AT&T owns them!) and other resellers like Red Pocket Mobile will activate the phone on their “GSMA” plan, which is AT&T service!

I ported my number in from another carrier over a weekend but porting numbers from AT&T to AT&T should be a matter of minutes.

Of course, your mileage may vary and I would check with your current and proposed providers before ordering to make sure you don’t have any unpleasant surprises. Good luck!

Strange, Cricket did not give me any grief over a Samsung S7 Edge I bought in London. It works quite nicely, although the fastest 4G speed is not available, due to a radio issue.

You must be a smooth talker, @davking! :laughing: Just goes to show, the idiom “your mileage may vary” applies to telecom services as well! Have a good one.

Very good point, piero.

Another reason to change the title: I am an “American” (from the US) using /e/, and then I came here to find my input wasn’t sought, as I live in Europe.

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Just a quick reply… the two are not related I use a /e/ Galaxy S9 running Android 10 perfectly fine … on T-mobile network now also Sprint here in the states no problem.


Did you check: ?

Now I’m confused. I thought ATT and T-Mobile were on GSM and Verizon/Sprint switched to LTE. My understandng was that all were moving to LTE until 5G fries our gonads. (tongue in cheek… tongue in cheek)

Can someone confirm? Thanks

A bit of a confusion no doubt. Verizon and Sprint were (are?) CDMA. GSM and CDMA are older 2G/3G technologies covering voice and text. Both of course supported high speed LTE data.
I guess the plan/hope is to do away with those competing techs and have everything on a 4G/LTE/5G tech. Wonder how all of this will affect my old phones in the future.

Googobs of CDMA vs GSM vs LTE articles out there, here’s one…

CDMA vs GSM vs LTE: The Differences & What You Need to Know

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My own two cents: I became aware of the project some months ago and purchased a phone both to see what it was about and support the project. I’ve used it both on T-Mobile AND MintMobile. There have been some instances where I’m told my phone goes direct to voicemail or a text is extremely delayed but for the most part the “dumb phone” feature work fine. I had to do some playing around with my Google cloud messaging/VPN/battery/data saver settings to ensure constant notifications but other than that, works fine. I’ve also manged to cut down on the amount of apps I have installed and find creative ways to use FOSS to accomplish my needs.

Banking seems to be the Achilles Heel. Most of what I really NEED (Navy Federal, USAA, etc) and a few other “wants” can be found via the Aurora Store, but I’m wary about that, and even with that, Venmo (which a lot of my friends use) and Vudu (my primary video streaming service) simply do not exist. Neither do play store purchases, which means the functionality of a fitness app I paid for is severely curtailed. I read an interview stating /e/ is hopeful all apps become available via the Play Store in 2021. I’m hopeful as well.

Of note, I’m super happy with the Easy Installer Snap as well. I nearly bricked my S9+ and had to run it through the easy installer to fix it. It was no trouble whatsoever, a far cry from back in the day with Cyanogenmod.

If you’re willing to change your thinking slightly, /e/ can absolutely be a daily driver. In fact, the S9+ is my daily driver and the S9 is my backup.

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