Are these tools useful? (WebApps, SuperFreezZ, Open Contacts)

Hi all, I was wondering if anybody is using the following apps…


How well does it work?
How many extra apps with trackers should we say OK to?


Is this app useful at all?
If we freeze apps installed under Shelter, will the quick launch work?

Open Contacts

Is this needed?
Does it add a layer of protection that /e/ is currently lacking?

Hi @dotcoma
I use 2/3 apps from the list you posted, WebApps and SuperFreezZ.
WebApps : allow to create apps from web site address. It can disable trackers domain and third party domains. I use it to wrap a site web as app to use it rapidly from shortcut without using a web browser.
I have no problem with it.

SuperFreezZ : I didn’t feel a significant difference because I don’t use a lot of apps in background.
It can stop apps automatically … it’s an alternative to Greenify.
I don’t know how it behave under Shelter environment.


My personal meaning: none of theses apps are needed.
WebApps is the same as using a private tab on your browser.
SuperFreezZ, for what ? You can restrict your bachground activities for each app (on oreo and pie).
And yes, if you freeze a app in.shelter, shortcut is still working and unfreeze the app as long as you use it
OpenContacts, no, if you want swap ftom default apos, haveva look.on.simple mobile tools. That is a great suite with nice apps like contacts ir calendar