Asus Zenfone 8 16GB/256GB


On page "ASUS sake (Zenfone8) Guides, It is specified:
Models Supported : ZS590KS
Other models are not supported

Can someone confirm that the Zenfone 8 16GB/256GB (ref. ZS590KS-2A019FR) is supported by /e/0S please?
Or should I choose the 8GB/128GB (ref. ZS590KS-8J016FR) or 8GB/256GB (ref. ZS590KS-2A017FR) versions?

Thanks in advance

I don’t think the different ZS590KS configurations matters in terms of ram and storage. Myself I got the 8GB/128GB version, as these were only on sale. I’ve just installed /e/OS yesterday - I’m overall very happy with /e/ and Zenfone8 HW as well!

Thank you for your answer @demux !
I hope you’re right !
I will order my zenfone :slight_smile: