Aurora Installer and Aurora Services instalattion

Hi there, i make a simple .zip to replace stock /e/ app store to Aurora Store. It installs Aurora Services also.


How to install:

  1. In TWRP, flash the .zip
  2. Reboot your phone
  3. Enjoy
  • Make sure that Aurora Services have been selected as instalattion method in Aurora Store.
  • Aurora Services needs storage permissions.

This script have been tested in Moto G 2014.


Nice, but why removing default apps store ? After next OTA it will be back. :woozy_face:

It’s because Aurora Store works better for me and have more apps. I need make a backup script to fix the OTA update issue, and i dont know how to do this :expressionless:

Sure Aurora and Yalp are much better. But I still won’t remove Apps store

Would be better that i make a version that won’t remove the Apps store?

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Yepp :+1:t4::+1:t4::+1:t4::+1::+1::+1:

I will gladly repeat myself and say again: "Your technical competence is undisputed and is appreciated by me.. And I don’t suppose you’re just “also only and advanced user”. It is safe to assume that you aren’t “also only and advanced user”. But in the matter of removed /e/AppStore “After next OTA it will be back.” I can tell from practical experience - that is not so!

When was the last time you tried it? I have, in the last few minutes for the repeated time - and always the same result: The standard e-apps “e-AppStore” and “e-Weather”, which I uninstalled aren’t restored after an OTA. Not even after multiple OTA updates. Should it perhaps only be device-dependent? I have only tested it several times on one LG G3.

What you said is self-evident and right: “no one knows everything !!!” Only if you post informations, it has a different weight and corresponding influence. Nix für ungut, @harvey186.

Ok, I haven’t used an OTA because I’m building the roms by myself. So I think you know it better.

I’m always flashing my updates and than the removed system apps are back again.

And I like your search results over all my posts and the links you always include. One again: goid work :+1::+1:t4::+1:

Thank you, @harvey186.
I do it only for me, because I enjoy learning. I’m always experimenting, see → here for example, but your posting above encouraged me to test it again on a September 2019 build.

So e-AppsStore and e-Weather like “ADB” removed and then made two OTA’s (Oct’19 and Dec’19). The removed apps aren’t on the phone.

And what have we learned ?
There is a main difference between OTA and reflashing (dirty flashing).

But it won’t change my preference. ‘Why removing the Apps Store’ You can use it latest if Aurora / Yalp anonymous login will blocked by Google again

Yeah, each according to his" taste".

I’ve requested that /e/ may add Aurora Service for automatic updates for F-Droid (Aurora Droid) or Google updates (Aurora Store) in /e/:

Why ? /e/ has its own Apps store.

Not everybody likes the offical-e-store. Is does not tell any infos where each apk is coming from.
See here: Where do Apps Come From?

@HanderLey what is the difference between your twrp-installer and the officially one?


Sorry for delay. My zip is a simple script to remove default store, move the Aurora Store apk do /system/app, Aurora Services to /system/priv-app and the Aurora Services permissions to /etc/permissions. You can do this manually, but my script simplifies this work. Aurora store has many apps more than the /e/ store.

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Very nice.

For your Information: Aurora is no store, it’s a client for PlayStore Access. Aurora itself stores zerro apps.