Aurora Store, geo-restricted apps, and anonymous logins

v4 is now available in Apps :slight_smile:

I have tried this workaround.

I installed the Windscribe VPN app (from Aurora Store :slight_smile:)) , logged in, and connected using a UK access point.
In Settings > Apps and notification > Aurora Store, cleared storage to force a new login

UK Apps still not visible.

When I tried to follow the procedure in the linked page, I could not do step 1

  1. Goto to Settings>Developer Options>Mock Location App - Select “Aurora Store”.

Aurora store did not appear in the list of apps. The devs/admins in the Telegram channel did say that the spoofing option would be removed in v4 - presumably to make it “better”. Looks like that has happened already.

Anyway, this “workaround” doesn’t work (for me at least)

I experienced something when upgrading to 4.0 I haven’t seen mentioned in this thread yet.

Aurora blacklist manager was wiped. I had put all /e/ system apps on there (mostly to make sure I didn’t accidentally “upgrade” microG). with the upgrade had to do it all over. I should have taken a screenshot or made a list before updating, would have made it easier.

Rahul posted on the Telegram group :

[ File : AuroraStore_Insecure_Anonymous.apk ]
Hi all,

On public demand I added an optional Insecure anonymous session, disabled by default.

Which basically allows you to generate GSF ID on your own device rather than the dispenser server.

This would allow you to get apps & listing from your own country, similar to v3 and also opens up bridge for Geo-Spoofing

The new preference is located at Settings > Networking > Insecure anonymous session

To apply geo-spoofing just use a VPN and set location for where ever you want to geo-spoof.

Make sure you relogin & restart Aurora Store to apply these changes. Test it & let me know if it works fine for you.

Also, stop sending me bulk messages & emails :unamused:, you want something just create a Gitlab issue.




Great news! Almost worth being asked to leave the Telegram channel :slight_smile:

Looks like we may need to install a VPN app, or maybe that only applies if you want to spoof a different location from your phone’s locale. I’ll report back when the update makes it to F-Droid

Not sure it will be published to F-Droid …
If you can’t get the app from Telegram, I’ll share it to you.

Thanks, but I did download it from the Telegram Channel. It’s also downloadable from

Someone asked in the channel whether the change would go in the official version, and developer said it would, but I wont hold my breath.

I’ve not tried the new version yet - I have to do some fiddling as it’s installed as a System app on my phone. I’ll probably get round to it tomorrow

How about using Orbot’s VPN feature, come out in the country that has access to the app and attach anonymously that way?

I think I tried something similar - it didn’t work

The developer has restored the broken functionality - let’s hope the fix stays in the main release

[Forwarded from Aurora OSS]
[ File : AuroraStore_4.0.3.apk ]
Changelog : v4.0.3 (34)
• Add back search filters
• Add back manual downloads
• Fixed installer related issues
• Fixed language spoof issue
• Fixed dispenser timeout issue
• Added support for insecure anonymous sessions
• Fixed ABI mismatch issues on Huawei devices
• Added options to disable ForYouPage & customize default tab
• Bug fixes & improvements
• Updated Translations

#PS: Huawei users are advised to do a clean install

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Thanks for sharing this, this worked for me :smiley: Also I don’t fully understand why Rahul says it is insecure / non-anonymous if we’re using a vpn to location spoof?

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It’s not about the VPN, it’s about the token dispenser running on your phone.
I assume that doing this makes you visible from Google …


For the reference, official download source :

Khaleesi (Telegram bot) automated reply for #insecure_anonymous :

On public demand an optional Insecure Anonymous Session has been added, disabled by default. This would allow you to get apps & listing from your own country, similar to v3 and also opens up a bridge allowing you to install apps not available in your country using VPN.

Implication: The GSF ID is generated on your own device rather than our dispenser server so your IP address and device info is sent to Google’s server.

This preference is located in Settings > Networking > Insecure Anonymous Session. Please logout and login again for the change to take effect.

If I turn on Insecure Anonymous Session, am I anonymous when searching for apps? I appreciate I won’t be if I download apps with it on.

I would like to see all apps available. Those apps outside my area I may get from APKPure, or another source. But that leads to the question whether that way is anonymous.

If the apps you seek ar geo-restricted then you need to setup location spoofing as described in this post

In this mode, the random ID is generated on your phone : Google will “know” your device, but couldn’t link it to a Google account.
In short : you remain anonymous as user, but your device won’t.
Unless you use another Google service, I don’t see any problem using it. At least, it’s not worst than Firebase trackers :wink:

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Update: since a few days, Aurora doesn’t launch anonymous session anymore within Shelter nore in personnal profile.

Samsung a3y17 lte / e-1.2-GSI / Tracker Control 2022.07.04 / Shelter 1.7 / Aurora 4.1.1 (latest) / no gg account / no AdvancedPrivacy

I tried disconnect / connect but app returns randomly “No network” / “stream was reset: PROTOCOL_ERROR”.

Tested different settings with same result.

Post to inform power users: sounds like an update from gg part…


Aurora is experimenting temporary difficulties, you can follow them on Telegram : Telegram: Contact @AuroraSupport

Merci camarade.

Thanks a lot. Will wait and see.

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Where they are currently saying

The token dispenser is curently offline (yes, for the third time), therefore anonymous login will not work for the time being. This fix may take between a few hours and a couple of days, so please have patience and bare with us.

Meanwhile, if you have a google account, you can use it to log in with it instead.