Automatically send images to the cloud

The standard app for photos does not allow me to automatically upload to Nextcloud. Which app can I install instead? It is important to me that I have saved my images on the cloud.
Thank you

Hi @geoha have you added your /e/ account on your phone. If you account is setup any photo taken on the /e/ ROM does get uploaded to the ecloud. Alternately you can disable the upload from Setting >> Accounts >> /e/ account >> Account Sync tap on it to open a screen which shows options.


Hello, Manoy,
I have entered the /e/ acount in the account setting. But I want to have the pictures on my own Nextcloud. This one is also registered. The exchange with my contacts and with my calendar works very well. I just can’t find the possibility to download my pictures automatically.

I found it, the mistake was mine. I looked for the upload in the wrong place. I looked in the app from the camera and not in the app from Nextcloud. Thanks for the help! :slight_smile: