Back to basic phone

I must confess that I am back to Google

Well I have been reading on this forum that it is very hard to update the Fairphone 3+ and that you have to reboot the system again and then you lose all your apps again.
Sorry /e/ but I don’t want to reboot my new Fairpone 3+ again and again and again😔.

So I am now back to Google but not the 100%

No I have al the Google apps out in settings system also I have quite the data from each app.
and also the background settings or out.

In the play store I have automatically updated from those apps out.

I have downloaded aurora store and F droid that are the stores that i yus now.

I hope that /e/ comes whyt over the are updates and I don’t have to reboot again.

So this is my update
Have I nice day
Greetings Jbdv

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