Bad quality sound on calls - FP3+


I bought a FP3+ from fairphone marketplace, installed /e/os on it. Everything is fine but one thing : everyone i’m calling are telling me “I’m not hearing you well, it’s like you are really far from the phone”. It’s pretty annoying for a phone…

I browse this forum but couldn’t find answers.

here is my set up :
phone : FP3+
/e/ version : 0.14-q-2021012999010-stable-FP3
Android : 10

I tried to change network from 4g to 3g/h+ , it’s seems a bit better but i don’t want to have to get into settings each time i need to call someone or to have 4g.

Any clues on it ?

Have a nice day !

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Im having the same issues. I dont know if its a hardware related thing or not. But really nobody seems to care about it.

There are several things at play, which can make fixing stuff very difficult.

  1. If not everybody has the issue, which is the case here, then the less users have the issue, the more difficult it can get for tech people to reproduce the issue to then understand how to fix it.

  2. Issues can arise on multiple, interconnected levels. Calling might sound like the most basic and simple function of the phone, but in reality it relies on the OS in itself, software components supplied by chip vendors (think something like drivers on a computer), the phone hardware, the SIM card, and everything on the side of the mobile network provider. An issue can arise everywhere, even only at some interconnection, when every level for itself looks fine. There’s easier stuff to fix than calls.

  3. Related to 2. … Who’s to fix it?
    Issues with sound quality in calls were reported from Fairphone OS users, too, which of course doesn’t say the issue or the cause of it would be the same.
    Fairphone supposedly just fixed some notorious bugs they had a hard time reproducing. Sound quality in calls seems to not have been explicitly mentioned, but since they fixed a calling issue and such fixes should be carried over to /e/ either via the official partnership or via LineageOS, it is worth to stay on track with updates. Of course there’s a certain delay, I don’t know if the latest Fairphone OS changes could be in 0.15-q already.
    As for /e/ … writing about issues in the forum is good for a start, but did anybody raise an issue at ? That’s where stuff gets looked at by /e/ developers. At first glance I don’t find it.
    As for the mobile network provider and the SIM card … If possible, checking with a SIM card of a different network provider should show if the mobile network provider or the SIM card plays at least an obvious role in the issue.

Just my take, perhaps there’s even more or I’m wrong, I’m not an expert, I just browse through the internet with a very modest IT background.
But if it seems that nobody cares … it only seems that way :wink: . Which doesn’t help you now, I know.

Thank you really much for your answers

I’ll keep an eye on update and try other sim card. I have 2 other friend with fairphone but on android with the exact same problem as me so it’s maybe a fairphone problem not a /e/ one.
Have a nice day

any update here?
i’m experiencing something similar with a fp 3+, /e/ preinstalled. the sound i hear during calls is not so good (tinny?!), both over the phone speaker and over headset (bluetooth). i tried a call via telegram and it seems better.
so i’m wondering what that is.
happy for any help, thx :slight_smile:


I am unfortunately experiencing the same issues. Callers can’t hear me well or at all while I am receiving a call. I need to turn on the speaker during the call, and than somehow I am heard well by the caller. It’s a very persistent problem and it touches such a basic functionality of a phone that I am wondering about switching back to Android (and I hate to even think about it). Any ideas how to fix it? @support

Please try updating to the latest version (you shoulc be using Android 10 not 9), if this does not help, you can try a factory reset. Are you sure this was working OK before installing /e/ ? Which mobile operator are you using?

I am using Orange PL operator. I had issues with APN’s which I had to manually add but now data and sound works. Sound works great (both microphone and speaker) when I am on the speaker while talking with someone. MMS doesn’t work since the very beginning.

I am on Android 10, latest version of /e/. The only thing left for me is factory reset. If that doesn’t work, I will need to ask for replacement from /e/ under warranty (I hope it covers it).

Please contact for troubleshooting.