Bad voice quality in SIP calls

The voice quality in SIP calls is too bad: Whenever both persons of a call are speaking in parallel (which happens more than I assumed e. g. when you agree to your partner’s point with “hm”) the voice audio is “splitted”. It sounds like the bandwith does not allow both audio streams to come through at the same time and therefore gives half of the bandwith time to one direction and the other half to the opposite direction.
From the perspective of one partner, it sounds like half of the time the audio is erased.

On another phone, I have sufficient audio quality with the same SIP account.
I use the latest 0.15 /e/ OS on my Fairphoone 3+.

Anyone the same problem? Any hints?

I had some recent interest in this - did you use the native AOSP Dialer for SIP?

Yes, I did.
Meanwhile the problem does not exist any more for me. The quality is OK meanwhile, not very good though. It’s sufficient.

Probably one of the updates of /e/OS improved that.

It might be useful to try the Linphone SIP dialer and see how it compares.

the advantage of the Dialer SIP is it is a systems app and will not be put to sleep, so notification of incoming calls is probably better. With user installed apps there can be disappointment if one forgets to disable battery optimization for the client and missing out on calls.

If you call “landline”, there is an upper limit to the call quality with what dedicated phones can do at the other end. Linphone (and others) can use higher quality codecs, but to benefit, your proxy needs to leave them untouched without transcoding and the counterparty need to support the higher quality ones too for one being negotiated during call init. If both parties use smartphones, and modern audio codecs, then they benefit, but then using a Messenger for the voice comm instead of a pay-per-minute SIP proxy will be more natural?


I am thinking more and more about investing in a FairPhone 3 with e/OS. My main concerns are the ecological impact and to preserve my privacy, notably I don’t want to share my GPS position

However, I nearly not use my smartphone. The only advantage I find in it is that I have an app that allows me to use my SIP line (of my OVH account).

I have a spent a lot of time to find a voip app that suit for my phone, notably a lot had troubles, cancelling without appearing reasons or there was an echo during the communication. I finally found an app that works. It is an application for which a fee is charged, that notably offers push-notification. I did not find it on the app checker of e/OS/

I would like to ask: are there SIP apps for e/OS that correctly run? And offer push notifications

Besides, is there a shop, or an association, close to Paris where I could speak of these issues with a “physical” expert?

Thank you for your answer,