Banking apps and Photos

Hi everyone, I’m looking at moving over to /e/ for my Fairphone but I have a few questions before I’m able to move over. I know custom roms can sometimes cause certain types of apps to ‘misbehave’. I was wondering if anyone knows if Starling, Monzo and Google Pay apps still work on the rom with the bootloader locked or if they will detect its a custom rom and not work.

I’m also wondering if there’s a go between for storing photos between the rom and Google photos or if it will still have to be installed to access and save them. Main reason is I have a lot of photos saved from the years and would like to keep Google apps to a complete minimum if possible.

Thanks for your help.

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There are a lot of banking apps which work and a lot which does not. Best you will search the forum for the app/bank to see if some has tried.

Goolag pay will not work because it is needing goolag services.

I don’t know goolag photos. But I think it’s on gdrive. If yes, you should swap them to edrive.

Every connection to a goolag server will spy on you and will distroy the sense of eOS

I’ve managed to get most things working, can only run the Starling banking app in shelter for some reason not sure why Monzo works fine.

Is there a way to get a reliable connection to GDrive to restore chats? I’ve got it working for WhatsApp in Shelter but not Line in normal or shelter it can’t get past the screen to pick an account to access GDrive in.

no, a lot of people, incl. me have tried several ways to get a chat backup restored. Never worked