Battery drain - /e/-Storage

Hello together,

since a few days, my battery drains very fast. In the battery settings, it says the most usage for the battery is /e/-Storage with 30%. I think it maybe comes together with the day I configured Nextcloud - but I guess it shouldnt be normal to use such a hugh amount of battery?
I use a FP3+ with Android 11 and the latest /e/ (0.22).

Greetings and thanks in advance!

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I also noticed more battery drain than before.
When checking battery usage i saw that /e/ drive was in top battery app usage with 0 minutes used :sweat_smile: :

Synchronization with /e/ online account is configured. Synchro is toggled off on my phone, rarely enable it.
I also have the Nextcloud app configured to browse my online /e/ account content (sync never enabled in the Nextcloud app)

I’m on a FP3 (from /e/ store) with Android 9 (v0.22-pie stable). This battery drain was not visible with the previous version.

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My /e/ drive has also been working overtime lately

I disabled the background activity of /e/-Storage and I’m pretty sure it helped. Didn’t notice any problems with it.

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An update, my battery usage is back to normal. Good overall battery life.