Battery drain - other user experiences

Which Services / applications does it show draining max battery under Settings >> Battery >>…

Do you have GPS location enabled?

I think so…i have flashed LineageOS4MicroG now so not sure what state it was in with the /e/ ROM.

I always disable the GPS because then my battery drains fast (leeco s2)…

I had a look as well on my GPS consumption. That seems a minor issue.
But when all the different system services summed up amount to almost 25% my battery usage. That’s quite a bit, no?
Furthermore, screen amounts to 28% and this of for a day with mostly listening to webradio (with screen off).

I have noted that the system update uses a lot of battery recently

The very same thing. I use Mi4 LTE.

One good way to test this battery drain would be to install a LineageOs4Microg ROM and check if the drain still happens.

Also i noticed when i’m using ‘Deezer’ battery drained faster.

Perhaps embedded decoding audio routine drains a lot… ?

I used 28% in 3 hours only :cold_sweat:
But summary shows me only 15%

Are these battery measurements being done after the OS has had time to complete all the background work that goes on with a new install / major upgrade? Android needs as much as 48 hours to complete these tasks, so I would not do any battery usage measurements until after that period.

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yes, for me.

Hi @rurmonas, thanx for your messge. I had no idea that the OS is doing upgrades in the 48h after installation. What is actually happening in the backgroud? Could you pls specify
I just completed a log recording but before this morning I upgraded to the latest version of /e/ I am currently on the latest unoffical Oreo built for Mido that was published last night

Sorry ralxx, I cannot remember what is happening, it is some years since I found this out.

Yeah, as rurmonas mentioned, you have to let ROMs settle for a couple of battery cycles before worrying about or measuring drain. Always recommended to do so but impatience probably kicks in. :grin: Things are usually drainy/laggy in the first cycle or two, depending.

A dump from BetterBatteryStats will include lots of information on what’s going on when phone is idle. More than just a list of apps it will break things down.

Example: I had a few microG-based ROMs that were draining like crazy. The ROMs would show that microG was the culprit but no details. BBS broke it down and showed that microG had a ContactSyncService(?) running wild. Once disabled all was good.

So in addition to the system logs Manoj is asking for, it’s good to get more detailed logs from battery utils like BBS.


I used 89% in 10 hours :cold_sweat: With a light use.
While summary shows me only 42% used

47% are missing :shushing_face:

The battery of Xiaomi Mido is 4100 mAh: with /e/ I have an autonomy of about 18-19 hours. I think that if the battery was less than 3000, /e/ on my Mido would be unsuitable for me.

Hello, with my xiaomi redmi note 5 with last /e/, the 4000 mAh battery last 2days15h BUT I installed Amplify, No wakelock, Powernap and Naptime. I know, I know, no doubt all these apps must have redundances, doing maybe the same thing but all apps are working great together. [screen light low no auto mode, no data only wifi]

WhatsApp has always been a real battery sucker :sweat_smile:
As @marcdw said, wait a couple of battery cycles after a new update has a big impact. My Redmi Note 5 could switch from less than one to three days of autonomy.
Of course, I don’t have too much app installed and I don’t use streaming content app like Netflix (mainly because we can’t have HD on Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 :disappointed:)

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On my Xiaomi Mido:
1- Android System: 8%

4- Mail 2%

10- Magic Earth 1%

Whatsapp < 1% (not listed)

when I was in MIUI, the battery lasted 2 days. In /e/, from version 0.5, 1 day (from morning till night). And I have fewer apps installed.

hello, I have the same model as you, Xiaomi Redmi note 5, you were talking about 1-3 days autonomy. I was sceptical but after 1 month of /e/, now I’m with 3 days of battery autonomy. I don’t know if it’s the multiple updates of /e/ these last weeks. I’m astonished in a very good way ! ! !

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