Battery Issues Samsung S9

Hey guys,

I experienced some huge issues with the battery of my S9 today. I was in a videocall and my phone was charging normally at around 75%. Then suddenly the phone rebooted itself out of nowhere and showed a 0% battery status. Once rebooted, the phone immediately shutdown itself again, I guess as a reaction to the reported low battery status.

Once connected to power again, it is now charging up normally without any issues so far.

Is this a possible software issue? Has anybody expierenced something like this before?

I use a different device and any extended time of video calling hammers my battery.


Is it a refurbished S7 bought to the e Foundation ?

Since when do you have it under /e/ ? Have you ever seen it shut down at a high level of remaining battery before ?

No, it’s my own phone and I’m running Lineage / /e/ since I got it.
I’ve also never seen this kind of behaviour before, it was the first time.

I’ve never heard of that issue, maybe it’s just the battery getting old.

Let’s see if the issue occurs again or not.