Beeper - chat protocol consolidator

Using matrix as the core.

Beeper - All Your Chats In One App -

There’s a linked article on the main page (from last year) that is pretty interesting. The idea for Beeper’s predecessor NovaChat.
The Universal Communication Bus. From the desk of Eric Migicovsky


Thanks for sharing. Have just signed up

When I was reading about Beeper I kept recalling an app I found in a Linux distro’s repo that I was testing but forgot the name. Just remembered it was called Rambox. Similar concept but much bigger in scope.

Given that I’m a non-social type of person I may not have a need for Beeper but may still check it out. Seems promising.

Looks like this:

Volt ?
Abandonned/stale. People are asking for the source in the Github Issues

Not really. Look at all the the linked social medias and chats, and the term “consolidator”. It’s more of a way of using all 14 competing standards with one tool. Not actually to create an another one.

It’s an interesting idea, but I personally don’t like this concept. People should be encouraged to leave something like WhatsApp. Such an app just helps them to stay where they are. If a Signal user wants to chat with a WhatsApp or Telegram user, then it’s easy enough to install those apps (preferably in a container). Messages won’t be missed. And it’s better not to get tired telling WhatsApp users that they are using the Idiots’ Messenger (and it’s easy enough to switch to an other one). :smiley:

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