Best Handwriting App for S-Pen?

I used the Samsung Notes app on my Samsung Tab6 Lite for handwritten notes. Unfortunately, this is no longer possible on eOS, I can’t find a corresponding download in App Lounge.
Can anyone give me a tip on the best app to use for this?
I make a point of backing up my handwritten notes so that I can restore them in an emergency.
Furthermore, it must not be an app from the Google App Store because I don’t have a Google account and theoretically I couldn’t buy an app because I only use eOS devices.
Has anyone had a similar problem and has already had positive experiences with an app that they could recommend to me?
I have no objection whatsoever to paying the developer money for a licence, but the app would have to be downloadable as an APK.

Hello @confu. You can install any Google App Store app though Aurora Store, without any Google account. But this don’t work for paid apps … unles you can find a direct contact to the developer.

thats my target to find an developer, who published a good handwriting program with a payed licens model with apk download. Something like Threema…
But i also look for handwriting apps. There are many “Baby” Apps that where not good enough. There is Inkredible, but the developer don’t sell over a llicens model.
Everyone ist welcome to this discussion… :blush: