'Best' new device choice criterions?

Consider this ‘use case’:

someone wants/needs a new device and wants to take into account the possibility to install (or try, or use…) /e/. how to give her/him some advice?
there could be many sub cases, too. like the ‘expectations’, the porpouse of the new installation: every day use(with some risk)? beta-testing? experimenting?

I know there are ‘pre-installed’… but if someone wants/needs something else?

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For me, it is very important that the device has a low SAR. With that in mind, I just look at the LineageOS’s list of supported devices and select the newest and most advanced one I can afford, because even if it’s not yet supported by eOS, there is a temporary alternative – LOS for MicroG.

However, if you don’t want to sacrifice photo capabilities leaving the manufacturer’s ROM, I also advise you to avoid devices with Exynos and Mediatek SoCs, so that you are more likely to get a good Goolag Camera port on Snapdragon platform. But don’t forget to cut GCam from the network - it contains Goolag tracker inside!

FairPhone are repairable,
OnePlus have good specs.
Samsung are commons,
Galaxy s4 & s5 are cheap and easy to find.
Xiaomi are cheap too.

thank you to you all!
I already managed to install on my old Galaxy s3. I’d like to try on a more up-to date, since my ‘buggy’ P10 it is not an option, I’ll try to choose using your points.

My personal favorites are Oneplus, because although a little more expensive than Xiaomi, (both are very cheap for the quality… :+1:) the bootloader on OP devices is very easy to unlock.