Best way to back up galaxy s7 before starting?

I am new to this stuff, though I have looked into rooting before.

My phone IS in the supported list, just a couple questions before I start.

Will I need to back up and reinstall contacts ect after install of /e/ os?

Will my phone be “rooted” after this? Or is this not considered a root?

I would think Its a good idea to back up a full image of my phone before starting, is this possible? Any suggestions/tips?


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It is always a good idea to backup before flashing another OS and yes you will have to setup contact and other default setting after a successful installation. This will only be a one time process. Subsequent builds will come OTA and use the same settings.

/e/OS does not root your phone. You do not need to root your phone to install /e/. If you really want to root your phone then you will have to separately root your device after a successful /e/OS installation.

You can refer a document given here besides this there would be a lot of documents on XDA and other forums which you can refer.

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Perfect! Thanks for the info this clarifies it greatly for me.

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