Better terrain maps to eos

I have noticed that on eos some apps use mapbox or openmaps with in the app, that normally on gapp it uses (here in Finland) our own terrain mapps (for example ). These mapps are free to use for everyone, and many apps on Finland uses these for hiking apps and hunting apps etc. But now on eos, these apps uses mapbox and the maps are so bad and you cant use these with hiking or anything but only for driving a car on main road.

I think this is something to do with microG but Im not sure. Does anyone know is there a way to fix this or have someone noticed this kind of bug on your eos?

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Which Apps exactly are we talking about? Are they the same Apps as before with GApps, or are they different Apps on /e/ now?

microG probably doesn’t have anything to do with this. Access to certain map sources is programmed into the App of choice. Depending on the App there could be options which allow you to include public map sources, OsmAnd for instance can work with a lot of map sources and is listed as compatible here …

Same apps that were on gplaystore, for example Maastokartat and Oma Riista. If installed from eos appstore, they just show openmaps. So, if it is written on the app, it doesnt work with this ungågl system.

Karttaselain from eos appstore works with right maps but I think that is the official app for these maps. But in Finland these maps are open for everyone to use, so it has something to do with app code and where it get its maps.

Thank you for that link, I didnt know that there where that kind of website. Will look into it.

So I get answer from one of the apps that uses Finland terrain maps.

The app uses Google map library, which in this case use these better terrain maps of Finland. That is why the app downloaded from e appstore dont know how to get proper maps for the app.

Is this that kind of thing that e developers could fix? Or is this part of microG developers?

There are different Google Maps APIs, if that’s what is meant by library.
If the App developers make access to map sources dependent on the version or features of the Google Maps API present in the system, like I interpret from the answer (might be wrong), then indeed microG would be in play here and would need better support for the more current Google Maps API, as can be seen here …

Or the App developers could fix their App. How do they display OpenStreetMap maps, if that’s what you meant with openmaps, but not other public map sources? Seems lame somehow, but I have no further insight.

enlightening, of course… apps use system level api / libraries for map views and do not bring their own. I can see how this depends on microg impementation status. Thank you for bringing that up.

So this is not a solution to the Apps, that probably have supplementing functions you want. I also propose OsmAnd as a workaround:

If the offline vector maps for south finland do not fit you with terrain/topography info you can test the prepared online-tile maps. While I see good ones for Sweden ( Outdoor, Lantmäteriet Topo), they do not include Finland. This is where a custom map tile URL schema can help: has “MML Maastokartta” and explains how to add them. The later is available via{z}/{x}/{y}.jpg

a screenshot in the docs shows how to “Define/Edit” the template. If you open up the network-tab in your Browser and zoom in/out in online map services, most of the time you can see the schema if zoomlevel and x+y are exposed. Of course these are online map tiles, so if there’s no cell tower coverage and do not have the tiles cached, you’re stranded.

Yes I am familliar with Osmand and its features, good app indeed.

Thanks everyone for your answers, this opened this topic for me. Maybe in the future apps from estore can read other free maps also. I think this topic is related to every country in europe. It is sad that everything “must” go through gåågl, eventhough the sources are free to use, but wont work without the big G.