Big problem with the App Store

Hi !

Since yesterday, as soon as I want to install or update an application with the application store, it constantly crashes.

What to do about it? My smartphone is a OnePlus 6T



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Yes same here. Tried installing 2 apps and it crashed both times

You know the nice search option of the forum ?

@harvey186 That’s the first topic about this issue on the forum.

The issue has been reported 3 days ago on the gitlab if you want more information :

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When you try to install or update an app in the Apps Store, it stops working but the APK continues to be downloaded.

With a file manager, go to Android > data > foundation.e.apps > files > Download. Then click on the .apk file you want to install in order to install/update the app.


Sirry, than I it several times in telegram group.

Similar issue raised here.

Yes just tested it on my Titan test build and can confirm App store is working ok on it.

The 0.7-o-20191126 build didn’t solve the issue for my j5nlte.

I guess it’s normal because the changelogs mentioned only “Beijing sprint”, and no “Apps crash” mention in the issues of that sprint.

For me, the app store crash has been solved :slight_smile: ! That’s weird…

Are you on Nougat build?

If someone encountered this issue on Nougat, please tell us when it happened

Nope. I’m hopefully on Pie ^^

Im on Oreo and get the same

in the moment on all versions no download/install via apps store is working. On some devices the download finish but no install, only by manual via file explorer. On some devices the download is also not working. The telegram group is full of posts regarding this issue

Installed /e/ on harpia (Moto G4 Play) today and tried to install aTalk using Apps, and it downloaded ok but didn’t install. Had to open it in Files which required allowing ‘software from unknown sources’.

This is the latest version with Nougat (Android 7).

If download will also fail you can use aurora from f-droid