Blisslauncher Home Screen

I have to swipe right to get to the screen with the search bar and frequently used app suggestions. This seems a strange design choice. Logically these are the things which should be on the home screen. I couldn’t find a setting to change in order to achieve this outcome. Have I missed something?


Bliss is something that has been developed from scratch. It is also still in development and not a mature launcher. Perhaps we all should voice out our desired features, UX preference, etc., to help development team to make it an excellent launcher.
Some of my wish list items are below
1.Swipe left can add few more features such as calendar peek, to do list items, take quick notes, etc.
2.Rearranging the icons is a laborious task. I find it extremely difficult to move around icons in the home screen. Rearranging the icons should be easier and smooth.
3.Default search bar at home screen.

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@Dravidian Some of your issues already have a thread on gitlab:

For me personally the two most important use cases are:

1. Accessing the most used apps on the home screen with only one hand

Currently the app-icons are placed from top to bottom without empty spaces between icons, but my thumb reaches just the lower three rows of app-icons comfortably. This means I have two choices:

  • A. Fill the home screen with rarely used app-icons in the top rows so that I can access my important apps in the lower rows conveniently with one hand.
  • B. Use my other hand to reach all icons or reposition the device in my hand, so that I can access the top icons

Now A. is unpleasant, because it fills the home screen with unused noise.
And according to the article The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two in a flat hierarchy at most 5-9 items should be used, because more items reduce the performance of accessing the items significantly. However filling all 20 icon slots on the home screen of my S2 (not counting the lower four quickbar items) means that I am way over the recommended number.

And B. is simply not user-friendly.

This situation could be improved by letting the user freely adjust the positions of the icons while allowing empty spaces between icons.

2. Seeing my upcoming events and tasks on the home screen

This use case boils down to: Allow users to manually position widgets on the home screen.
Currently only three widgets are available. But since many apps come with their own widgets (where the developers already put in effort to polish them), it might be an idea to add a functionality to bliss that allows displaying widgets of installed apps.



I’ve had a look through the issues log but hadn’t seen this specific issue noted.

If I add certain apps to a folder and then remove them from a folder again, I get duplicated apps. If with a system app like Mail, I then can’t remove the duplicate.

I will try and get a screen recording to better explain but this was happening on my OP5.

Sounds like something similar was already taken care of:


I will check again tonight. I’m using E on my backup phone so don’t see changes every day. Will report back to confirm it’s sorted.

Edit: Just tested and confirmed that this has already been fixed.

Thanks for the update @Ravi

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Hi @pixelpunk please can you raise a defect for this here
That would help track this issue. This is a good enhancement suggestion.