Block Amazon servers

I don’t shop with Amazon for ethical reasons so I want to stop my phone from going to AWS servers therefore not using any amazon stuff

Amazon owns all of the IP addresses between and

I have found out that TrackerControl can do this but I am kinda dumb, please help

Maybe with PersonalDNSFilter ?

Maybe it might cause of disrupting a lot of websites too, since a number of them rely on Amazon’s cloud services to function. :thinking:

You will probably have to block each Amazon tracker individually as it shows up in TrackerControl. I’m not aware of any ability to block a range of IP addresses.

Amazon has many other IP ranges, by the way.

This link TackerControl #credits takes you you near the foot of the main TrackerControl for Android page. Here you find clues to the blocklists used by TrackerControl for instance

“TrackerControl integrates the Disconnect list”.

Study of some blocklists.json shows that the method used seems not to be IP address, perhaps inspect the lists searching for Google and Amazon for more clues.

TrackerControl — a way to neutralize in-app trackers

Agreed. Blocking AWS would not be a good idea. Lots of apps, services, etc. make use of AWS servers.
Unlike blocking Google and Facebook domains (which I’ve done with a few snags [*] ), trying to block all AWS domains will probably have a much bigger impact. They are a major file hoster among other things.

[*] Mostly minor snags but Firefox Sync uses Google servers ( which is a major bummer. No syncing on that particular ROM. You’d thimk Mozilla would have their own servers for that.

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