Block email trackers at servers

Block trackers from emails arriving to accounts with option to disable this feature.

It would be nice if /e/ would announce similar tracking block feature at serverside of that are available with protonmail and with duckduckgo email protection for example.

Why? Well I think question should rather be why not, even when there are possibilities to anonymize email using ddg or dimple login… There still should be option ti block those trackers at

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

In Rainloop settings (, you can disable automatic external images download/display.

But that’s not what I suggested. It’s really handy to not have to disable those and there’s little text at upper part of email like:

Tracking Protection removed x trackers from Mailgun →

At least I miss to see why implementing this would be bad idea.

Edit: Just saying in case this won’t be taken as “no need, issue solved”. It’s good to have that option too, but since it doesn’t solve this… I’m leqving this comment.

Didn’t reach my mind :wink:

I took a look at official Rainloop plugins, unfortunately none available to this purpose …

No wonder when you cut quotes to revert original meaning :wink:

I was hoping /e/ team could do more than rely on ready made plugins.

I assume duckduckgo email protection relies duckduckgo tracker radar. I’m not a coder, so no point for me to check that + not sure does tracker radar contain also email trackers, but on the other hand why wouldn’t it.

So basicly I hope /e/ team could create a plugin which is using ddg tracker radar and blocks email trackers.

But if feature request / suggestions is limited to wish to enable some ready made plugins and using some feature which isn’t what original suggestion is, then…

I think it is worthless for me to continue, there will be no change.

Well since there wasn’t so much agreement this would be good to have feature, at least in this community… I decided to suggest this at more propriate place: