Blocking trackers or using VPN?

Since you cant use trackercontrol and a vpn App at the same time, what Do you think is more important/better?

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Concerning privacy, your IP address is just one of many methods to track your activity online. Device fingerprinting and Browser fingerprinting far more sophisticated and reliable methods, widely used around the web, but can be mitigated blocking trackers and scripts.

Without a VPN, an attacker sniffing the network will see which sites you visit but not what you visit in that site. For instance right now your Internet Service Provider would know you are visiting but not that you are specifically visiting t/blocking-trackers-or-using-vpn/18284.

EDIT: this is provided you are connecting with HTTPS which is most connections these days. Be wary if you access a website with regular HTTP not to enter any sensitive information, if at all.

I think you need both. I’m using nextdns to block trackers and adds. It’s an encrypted DNS service, so nobody can see your queries, except nextdns of course. Now the only thing is, can you trust nextdns? I have no answer for that, I decided to trust them because I like their service.

If I don’t have both, I feel naked. That’s why I installed Magisk to be able to use Adaway and my VPN.

Does anyone know Appwarden? Its from
It should be able to debloat (some) trackers from installed apps.

Doesn’t TrackerControl offer both : block trackets AND ads ? (you can import a hosts file - in “Backup” settings - and check “Block domains” - in “Advanced” settings).

I have activated it, with Steven Black’s “full” hosts file, but to be honnest, I’m don’t know how I can check if domains are really blocked … a log file option would have been great, or at least a counter of blocked domains (just like for the trackers) !

Anyone with some more experience with DNS blocking with TrackerControl ?

With both meant ads/trackers and VPN :wink: All non-root add/tracker apps are based on local VPN. If you use local VPN, you can’t use 3rd party VPN.