Bluetooth call in car wish Samsung A5

Hello everybody

It’s my first week in the /e/ world.

Process of transistion was ok and everything is working quite fine.

But I have a problem with bluetooth in my car : I can listen music and podcast as I need to, the connection works, for media and phone. But when I need to give ou receive a phone call, The call begin but there is no sound coming from the car and the micro don’t work unless I use directly the phone speaker.

I precise that I tried to use Bluetooth with others devices, and it was successfull except with the car.

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Hello, and welcome in the community :slight_smile:

I know that we can allow call permission or just multimedia permission for bluetooth. So on your phone look at the list of paired devices and long press or click on a setting symbol to look for some permissions.

Thank you for the answer but I have already checked that part. The settings are ready to call with bluetooth. Actually, in my car, I can give or receive a call but I cannot talk or hear the person phoning unless I use the phone speaker (not the car speaker and microphone) :I have no sound!

Sadly I can only suggest you to open an issue in the gitlab if you don’t find any solution.