Bluetooth reconnecting-loop in car


I’ve searched this forum and found quite a few BT-issues but not mine.
Apart from that, I have also spent some time looking for answers to my troubles on LineageOS pages, unfortunately to no avail, either.

I’ve got a GS290 which I bought from /e/ with everything installed. It is currently running /e/OS 0.19-20211026142972, based on Android 10.

When I connect my phone to my car (Jaguar XE), it connects fine, then the BT app crashes and the phone re-connects, which leads to another and yet another crash and re-connect. That loop goes on for up to half an hour until a stable connection is up.
I’ve tried switching off access to contacts and/or SMS, no change (if anything, it gets worse).
Wifi and NFc are both switched off, the status of Wifi doesn’t seem to influence the looping.

As the phone is meant to replace my BlackBerry as a business-grade phone, working BT in the car is essential and I’m desperate to get it working. I’m very grateful for any hints as to what to do or where better to look for solutions.

Thanks a lot!

Bluetooth seem to give difficulties to so many. Your question sparked me to find this page Specifications | Bluetooth® Technology Website.

I wonder how difficult it would be to collect the necessary specs from both Gigaset and the car manufacturer to see whether the two specs “should” be able to communicate, then perhaps see if the necessary parts are also within the software.

Thank you, @aibd , for your suggestion. The check if the two spec-bearers can actually communicate with each other looks like a promising way; forgive me if my question is silly, but I’m neither an IT nor a technics person: if both car and phone spoke in different specs, how come they can get into a stable connection after all? Once they’re connected, all is fine and good and I can use phone and audio-output in high quality.

I cannot give a technical answer. To troubleshoot, where to start? As you say, as it resolves eventually, we could be a little optimistic in hoping to ask for a software fix. We just need a bit more to go on.

It is possible that a software patch/upgrade is required for either device.

I have no Gigaset device, but it might also be useful to try to find out the dates of manufacturer’s updates already applied to the current /e/ version. For this to be useful we would need to know the dates of release of any manufacturer updates. I have no reliable information on this but anecdotally there is at least one 2021 update.

A different approach would be to capture a log of the fail.

unfortunately, I don’t seem to have the time to make logs and other proper stuff for debugging. But I found a quick and dirty solution which might point a dev into the right direction. The App “Bluetooth Phonebook” solves the problem entirely by adding pbap capabilities to android.
I found the app in my car manufacturer’s forum where literally hundreds of people are complaining about having to go iPhone because Android simply cannot talk to their car. More often than not it’s a Samsung phone, and it’s Jags and VWs that seem to be most affected.
Unfortunately, the above app seems to be working only on Android 9 and 10, so maybe it would be possible to either join forces with its dev or engeneer something similar into /e/ in time before it moves on to Android 11 base?
If I can rely on my phone working in my car, I would now love to stick to /e/ as I’ve grown quite fond of it. :smiley:

EDIT: Maybe, adding a link to the app in question might be a good idea… Bluetooth Phonebook

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