Blurry Photos in Messages App

Hi All, I’m having an issue where incoming photos sent via text (Messages) are blurry. I’ve switched text messaging apps, but I get the same problem so it must be system-wide. Basically, photos texted to me are getting downgraded to the point of being blurred and illegible and I can’t seem to resolve it. This has been an ongoing issue that I’ve dealt with, but it’s now impacting my life LOL. Am I missing a setting somewhere?

Hi @paulatreides,

I don’t know if I will be able to help you to fix the issue you have but could you say what is your phone model, the version of /e/ (number and android one too (q, r, …)) you have?
On my side I don’t have that issue. So it can be possible it’s due to your version, your phone model or even your phone provider due to a network setting…

Just one question: in Message app, what is selected for compression of images (Parameters > Compression)?