Bosch Garden of Earthly Delights VR App Hangs after splash

I was trying to run this app on /e/ I couldn’t find it except on the google Play so I copied the apk. It starts up and then hangs at a black screen. Maybe in-app purchases is causing it to fail? Maybe something more obvious?

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Or maybe I need Cardboard installed?

Maybe try to uninstall the .apk file and install and use Aurora Store instead? I bet it’s much safer and will keep all installed app from it’s store up to date…

thanks. do you know if it is on the aurora store? i couldn’t find it on the /e/ store or apkpure.


Yes it is. All apps in Google Play Store can be found in Aurora Store.
It’s a fork of Google Play Store using a “fake” or “anonymous” account to Google…

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No, sorry. Thats not correct.
One example:
satellite app from is not available via aurora store.

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I didn’t see this one either. I did uninstall and use Aurora to install it but it didn’t help. Just before I had used Aurora to install Cardboard which did work fine except to add other cardboard apps from the google store.
So dunno, I may ask the app maker. It could be a Unity thing too as it is stuck on the Unity splash screen right after asking to access photos.

It is correct

That appears to be a geo-restricted app - presumably restricted to Germany. Geo-restricted apps are available in Aurora Store - you just have to jump through a few more hoops to install them. Details can be found by searching this forum.

As @stanwood says

You just have to look a bit harder for geo-restricted apps :wink:

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