Bug report: WiFi hotspot shuts off when screen turns off

This is a big report that should go into GitLab. In an earlier post I explained that I was unable to register for GitLab (thus a second bug report). But I want to send this somewhere, and this is the best second option I could find.

I’m using a Terra 2e, with no pending updates, with Android version 11, build e_emerald-userdebug 11 RQ3A.211001.001 (is that enough?) Yesterday I used the phone as a WiFi hotspot for my laptop, and I found that the WiFi shut down when the screen turned off (i.e., timed out).

It just occurred to me that I have battery saving turned on, and perhaps turning off WiFi hosting is a battery-saving feature, so I could try to repeat this with battery saver off to see if that makes a difference. If this is the case, I still think it’s unwanted behavior. If one has to set up a hotspot, one could be in a situation where conserving power is even more important. This was the case for me, as power went out to my house and so the usual WiFi went off.

Thanks; I’d be happy to post this in GitLab as soon as it’s reconfigured to allow me to register.

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