Building without docker with existing Lineage 17.1 sources

I would like to build /e/ for my device without Docker. Is this possible ? And where is /e/ source repository ? The only one I have seen was where Lineage 17.1 source was merged. I followed a link from there to an empty page with another link saying it had moved but that led to a device list. I don’t have room with current build environments to add another. Can I build it locally using LOS sources that I already have working ? I know I read that there is supposed to be a build coming for gts4lvwifi but I’m kinda impatient and would rather build my own unofficial Tab S5e than wait.

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have you searched the forum ?? There are a a lot tutorials how to build without docker.

or one of the best:

Thanks, I’ll get started now. Guess I’m going to see how it builds off of an external drive. I had looked in forums for building without docker and what I seen seemed to pretty much run a docker script. Whatever it was it wasn’t the way we seem to prefer. Do you see any problems with my editing script to pull v1-q source or is it ready ?

Nope, will work. Other users have done. The most important is, that you will have device / kernel / vendor sources for LOS17.1. available

No problem, I’ve got 17.1 device / kernel / vendor sources already, finished last LOS build for one of my devices a few hours ago. All I need is v1-q correct? I don’t need master do I ?

yes, thta’s OK…

could be that you need to convert the script with dos2unix

I’m on debian, or LMDE actually, your scripts looked right to me.

can you give me correct url for v1-q ? even if I take the init line from it gives error

Invalid clone.bundle file; ignoring.
fatal: Couldn’t find remote ref refs/tags/v0.10-
fatal: Couldn’t find remote ref refs/tags/v0.10-

I even tried cloning and then “repo init” from within and it errors due to redirects.


repo init -u v1-q
repo init -u -b v1-q

repo init -u -b v1-q

It works fine also. It’s practically the same thing @harvey186 wrote.

Thanks, that works. Practicallity and github or gitlab don’t go together for me. The .git added to releases was where it was at. I built one somehow after using --force-sync and agreeing that it may destroy my work tree. Was shocked when it built and even more so when it booted. I’m on it now with one hiccup but used repo init you posted and building a fresh one now. Once I have one built correctly then I can truly see how it’s working.