Calendar app: how to disable reminder snooze

my event reminders are snoozing and there is only an option to set the snoozing time but not to disable snoozing. How is it supposed to work?

Calendar app: how to disable reminder snooze (#5742) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

I also don’t understand why my calendar app notifications are snoozed (alert is repeated).

When an event notification appears, I have a sound/vibration alert (depending of the notifications settings). If I don’t swipe it to dismiss it, for example because I want the reminder to stay displayed, every 4-5 minutes, the alert (sound/vibration) is played again.

@cedricoola did you find any documentation about the settings of the calendar app ? I tweaked the settings trying to get rid of the snooze alerts without success…
I also looked in the general notifications settings, and in the app notifications setting, but did not find anything relevant.
Also can you tell me where you can set the snoozing time ? thanks.

I know, it’s annoying. And @Manoj likes us to report our issues in Gitlab but it’s for the sake of having them filed somewhere. Usually they don’t work on it because it’s in the scope of the developers of the app rather than the Murena team, but they have nothing that identifies them as such, and they leave us waiting.
Just like you, I’m swiping my calendar alarms but then I don’t have them in my notifications anymore, so it’s either I complete the task immediately or I forget it.
Well, with ‘setting the snoozing time’ i meant setting how much time before the event you would like to be notified.

Yes I saw the gitlab issue and contributed too.

It seems (from what is specified here) that the source app from witch the /e/os app is forked is ETAR Calendar app. Here is an example of issues around this subject : multiple notification-rings for event · Issue #1031 · Etar-Group/Etar-Calendar · GitHub

Unfortunately these issues date a bit, and there is no sign of activity, but since it’s only volunteer work I guess we can just wait with patience.