Calendar app not showing correct birthdays of CalDAV contacts

Hi all - I have an addressbook synced through CalDAV. In my contacts list online I have recorded the birthdays of my contacts, some with year of birth, others without year of birth. The birthdays of contacts without year of birth don’t show up correctly in the (native) Calendar app of e/OS - they show up on a wrong day - while the ones with year of birth show up correctly. This looks like a bug to me in the calendar app. Any solution? Or where should I report this bug?

I have some additional information on this issue. The birthdays of my contacts show up correctly in Microsof Outlook on my PC (through CalDAV synchronization), but not in the Calendar app on e/OS nor the Simple Calendar Pro app on e/OS. In sum, the problem is with the CalDAV interface on e/OS, not with the Calendar app per se. Where should I file this bug?

Hi, I’m having the same issue, have you been able to resolve it?

No, problem not solved. I had to add a fake birthyear to all contacts that didn’t have a year of birth. That’s how I got the Calendar App to show the birthdays on the correct day.