Calendar cal Dav

I am new Whit
I have a new Fairphone 3+ first white Google and
But now I have e.on my phone and it looks good.

Iam also looking for a cal dav email app who can read my calendar.

We’re can I fine that? Fdroid?

Greeting jdv

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This is what I have been using:

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Finally it works!

I just added another account with Caldav on the /e/ Calender app.
Just fill in the adres of my The Good Cloud account, username and password.
For Mozilla Thunderbird i did this with TBSync.


On my computer i can use Thunderbird to sending mails from my contactlist.
But how can i sync my contacts with my mail app, to send mails to my contacts from my phone?
I saw something about CardDav?
On this moment i use the mail app from /e/, but maybe there is another app that i can use for?

What i don´t like on the mail app of /e/, is that i cannot select more mails at the same time for deleting or something else. If i wanna delete some mails, i must do this seperately.

You can set up contacts sync with your Good Cloud account in the same way as for Calendar. Then Mail can search your synced contacts as you type in the To; field. Or in contacts, click on the email address of a contact and Mail should open