Calendar & clock icon - display actual day number & time

This is a small nitpick - but why can’t the calendar and clock app icons mirror the actual day of the month, and current time? The calendar is stuck on 7, the clock on 9:07…

I seem to remember the clock icon working as a mini clock in an older build. Also, I just installed 1.0 on a Moto G 5G Ace, and the calendar icon actually displayed the correct day, 3 (June 3), but at some point it went back to being stuck on 7.

Is this a bug or esoteric setting deep in a menu somewhere?

I do not see that! It might be worth trying either Clear cache or the more heavy duty Clear storage in

Apps & notifications > Bliss > Storage.

… perhaps?

Clear storage will delete any Settings in Bliss, if you used any.

I am not using Bliss, which is probably why this is broken for me.

Not so much broken but a limitation of the launcher. If launcher supports adaptive icons then the behavior you want may work. At least for Calendar.
On one phone with Lawnchair v9, adaptive icon features were turned on and the calendar icon switched from 7 to today’s date. Even cooler, it worked with the icon pack I was using (Whicons or Plain). No luck with the clock icon though. Also worked with an old version of Omega launcher. With same adaptive settings it did not work in Librechair and Lawndesk. Heh, old launchere on an old /e/ install.

You didn’t mention your launcher but see if it has similar options.

I notice this with Trebuchet (v.8 or around there) on my daily, and with Lawnchair 12.1.0 Alpha 3 on another phone that is putting up a bit of a fight (locked by the carrier that sold it).