Camera has issues with handling SD card - disapperaing photos

I’m on /e/ 0.18 on FP3
have had several instances of this, but recently the worst one. have had same issue with three separate camera apps (including standard one shipped with /e/)

suddenly about a month’s worth of photos have gone poof and my camera will take pictures, show them as the most recent inside the camera app, but when I try to access the image, it doesn’t show it and it disappears from the most recent photo inside the camera app (the app doesn’t think it’s ever taken a photo).

the last month of photos do not appear in recent files in file manager and gallery doesn’t include them.

tried hooking my phone up to my PC (runs linux mint, latest version). Linux sees the different folders under DCIM from the different camera apps I have used, but it can’ access them - it gives me an error code when trying to copy or open the folders.

I strongly suspect this has to do with /E/'s way of handling the SD card (it chronically says SD missing after restart, but then discovers it after a few seconds), but I can’t be sure.

Any advice much appreciated!

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While you haven’t specified it yet, my guess is that you formatted the SD card as internal storage/phone storage. This way of setting up the SD card keeps causing all sorts of issues including exactly those you mentioned under Android 10 (it happens with /e/OS Android on the FP3, but just the same way with Fairphone OS Android 10).

I can only strongly recommend to format the SD card as external/portable storage instead. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to recover the photos lost.

hey ok I had no idea this was an issue. hm ok will try. never mind the photos lost, whatever. :slight_smile: thanks a lot for getting back to me :slight_smile: