Can I install /e/ on a device with no IMEI - Samsung S3

Hello all,

So not really device specific but this seems to be the best place here for hardware questions.
Is there anything that would prevent /e/ being installed on a device with no IMEI?

Reason being I want to do a test run of the install on an old S3, which has been turned off for years and apparently has no IMEI now, before attempting on my S7.

Thanks in advance for any insight,

Hello @sludge3000. Of course you can install /e/ whitou IMEI. If you have wi-fi. I just recover my phone from a lost IMEI. Everything worked fine till I saw the phone didn’t have IMEI but everything worked OK.

The only real flaw is with the apps that need to verify the instalation with an sms message or a call.