Can I trust the applications offered in app store?


I’m considering whether to install /e/ os on my smartphone, but I have security concerns. My questions are:
How safe is it to install apps from app store on an /e/ os device? There seems to be no mechanism like Google play protect, right?
How are the applications checked before they get into app store?
How can I ensure that e.g. Telegram FOSS really is Telegram FOSS and not a modificated version containing spyware or damage code?

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You have the same assurances at time of install as with Google, it is safe in a sense that “Malware on the Play store is malware you can find with App Lounge”.

Current 1.0 App Lounge sources non-fdroid apks directly from Google (used to be different with other tradeoffs in the predecessor). If you want to cross check - you can always compare signings keys and apk hashes (there’s a HOWTO in this forum).

Google Play Protect is a group of services: checking already installed App-IDs against malware lists to get notified of malicous versions or apps, “Safebrowsing”, “Find My Device” and more - this is missing. Some of the services you could substitute with other software.