Can I use the /e/ ecosystem, apps & services without instaling the operating system?

I just discovered /e/ and it looks perfect to me.
Unfortunately my phone is not supported (yet).
I am running the stock android (without a Google account activated), can I still access the /e/ ecosystem by only installing the /e/ AppsStore?
If yes how, is there an apk available?
Many thanks !

/e/ App store will not working.
But all other services can be used with nextcloud app, DAVx5 and ICSx5, with an existing /e/ cloud account


No, it doesn’t work this way.
If you want to have access to the same Apps, and it sounds like you have the Google Play Store already anyway, then you just need to install F-Droid for additional Open Source Apps.

If you want to use the cloud service the e foundation base their own cloud on, then you can look into using Nextcloud.

If you like the default /e/OS launcher, then you can install it … Bliss Launcher | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

If you want to use certain Apps which come preinstalled with /e/OS, then those are either forks of Apps which are freely available for you to use anyway, or in case of the maps App it would be Magic Earth, also out there for you to use anyway.

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Ok, thanks !

Just for my understanding, it is because I still have the Google Play services & it prevents Apps from working proprerly?

/e/ App store is exclusivly for /e/ OS

But as @AnotherElk said all apps can be installed using f-droid and aurora store

And, my opinion, it is always better to do so, then using /e/ App store.


/e/OS is the important thing here, not the /e/OS Apps installer.

Many /e/OS users don’t even use the /e/OS Apps installer, but as @FairphoneHulk said F-Droid and Aurora Store (an Open Source client for the Google Play Store) instead, which roughly amounts to the same Apps being available as in the /e/OS Apps installer.


And for good reason.
I think the trustworthiness and timeliness of the apps leaves something to be desired.
the other two can do that better.

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True, but whatever the App source preference … The point is, that either way the /e/OS Apps installer doesn’t do anything to get you into the /e/ ecosystem.
So even if you had an APK from somewhere, don’t bother, it doesn’t help.

Wait for your device to get supported, or get an already supported device, or have a look at unofficial /e/OS builds by enthusiasts covering more devices than the officially supported ones … Topics tagged unofficial-builds.