Can I whitelist some wifi ssid where turn off vpn?

My idea is to keep real ip exposed only with my home wifi and to let always on the protection in advanced privacy.
It could be useful also the opposite: hide real ip on some specific wifi.
Can I set it under wifi option or on the system profile settings?

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Doesn’t ring a bell.
It would be nice to have a VPN on/off action under System Profiles!

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You can add a VPN-button to the upper shortcut-menu (the one you can draw down from the upper edge of the screen)

I have not thoroughly tested nor fully understood its function (I don´t use it)… seems a bit odd at first glance: obviously switches off (or resets) any “always on VPN”-setting when switching VPN OFF and allows to choose from available VPN when switchin ON … but restart of e.g. personalDNSfilter does not work in my case… maybe it does not work when you have more than one VPN to choose from… :thinking: