Can not add additional e-mail account


I can not add an additional e-mail account on my Hammerhead using the actual versioen of /e/?
Is this correct?
I am using the standard mail app delivered with /e/.


What happens if you using in the right upper site the 3 dots when you are in the ‘accounts’ screen. Is there no ‘Add Account’ point ? Or do you getting an error message ?

If I press the 3 dots in the main screen a submenu is shown with 7 options.
From the first option ‘check mail’ till the 7th option ‘settings’. (translated from Dutch to English)
In settings there are 3 options presented: folder settings, account settings en general settings.
If I select ‘account settings’ there are no options for adding an account.

Than you are in the wrong screen. You are in Inbox. You have to go one step back to account screen which my screenshot from.yesterday shows.
Or have a look here

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Oh, how stupid. I completely overlooked it.
I expected to be in the homescreen when starting the mail app.
Everthing OK now. Thanks for poiting me in the right direction!


good to hear. Have fun