Can´t login to Forest App - always crashes

i´m using the Fairphone 4 with the preinstalled e system.
If downloaded the app "Forest: Focused for productivity ". Unfortunately I can´t login to my account in the app because it crashes and reopens everytime I try to.
Here is what I´ve tried to fix the problem so far:
All ways in the app to login (instant crash) or click on the Pro Version Unlock (Error 200 or Error 66)
Uninstall and reinstall app
Login into the App Lounge with my Google Account I used to buy the pro version initially
Use App Lounge anonymously (default)
I didn´t find helpful information in the FAQs of the app
Reset App Lounge (suggested by forest FAQ)
I´m logged into the google account via microG…

Does anyone maybe have some suggestions what else I could do to make it work?

Thank you in Advance,

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