Cannot complete cloud storage purchase

Just a quick report.

I am trying to buy a subscription for cloud storage to further support the project, but I can’t.


  • The Payment part of the Checkout hangs with a spinning circle of doom as you can see at the bottom of the screenshot.
    – I am using Firefox, on Manjaro btw
    – I am trying to use PayPal
    — (the PayPal account uses a different email address, in case that matters)

Minor niggles:

  • As you can see there is no translation of “Carte Bancaire” to “Bank Card”
  • On the customer details page, too much detail is asked for. The payment processors already have all the verified info a transaction needs, surely. I don’t need any letters posted to me or phone calls made.

I’ll try a debit card when I remember and also maybe use a Chrome-based browser. PayPal for me is the most direct and a good impulse purchase tool, so you should probably know about the issue(s).

Pl send a mail to The team will be able to help you further.

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