Cannot install Kaspersky WhoCalls

I cannot install ‘Kaspersky Who Calls’ automatic caller ID (com.kaspersky.who_calls)

Even when I upload .apk file to my phone directly and install from there (the most bulletproof way to install, so far), it says

App not installed.
This app isn’t compatible with your phone.

I’m running the latest /e/ (0.17-20210601117698; Android 7.1.2; June 1, 2021) on Samsung Galaxy S4 mini (GT-I9192; serranodsdd)

Any suggestions? Is it possible at all?

/e/ and kaspersky :open_mouth: doesn’t match

Can you suggest another caller ID app that can flag spammers/scammers? I heard WhoCalls works well in this regard, and I heard nothing of the others.

No, Sorry this function is not in my interest.

I’m interested in why a particular app wouldn’t work and how to fool it.

For caller id apps, there’s one on fdroid - Yet Another Call Blocker | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

And I guess closed source competitors to kasperskys App are: Truecaller, Cleverdialer

Runs perfectly on 0.18 R.

However many functionalities will require a Premium (paid) subscription, so you will find @tcecyk reply of interest :slight_smile: