Cannot login to e-account via main page


I experience something weird. I wanted to sign in to my e-account via the e-foundation main page ( through my browser, but it did not work. I got “Wrong username or password.” although I could successfully login to this community page with the exact same user name and password afterwards. And, of course, I tried multiple times. When I try to reset my password it does not work either. I do not receive any e-mails. I have a Posteo-webmail-account, so there is no Spam folder.

I don’t know what to do. Originally, I wanted to login to my e-cloud via the main page through my browser. The cloud is still set up and working on my phone. Does anybody has an idea what could have gone wrong?

I am very thankful for any help. Can someone from e-foundation verify that everything is set up correctly?


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Hi, We have different account for different sites as mentioned here. We may switch to a single login across all sites but that will take some time.
The website does not require any logging.