Can't Add e To Accounts On Phone

The data and charging port went bad on my Sony Experia Z5 recently. I replaced the port and am now able to charge my phone using an A/C adapter but I still can’t transfer any data to my computer. A friend told me my data should be stored in my e account online. I tried adding my e account in the Add an account option in Settings but my user name and password won’t work. I’m using my email address and password. What am I doing wrong?

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Please have a look here
I think you will find what you need

Regarding file transfer to pc via usb wire

  1. Are you using a data wire ? There are wires which only work as charging wire.
  2. Have you enabled file transfer on usb preferences ?

Thanks for the reply harvey 186. I discovered that I had been omitting one character in my password. I entered the correct password and was able to add my account.

The data / charging wire works fine on my other Sony Experia Z5 phone so the charging port I ordered on eBay must be defective.

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