Can't block wifi, bluetooth ect. switch when screen is locked

Hello, I’m quite new using e/ and figuring around with basic settings. I can’t find a way to block wifi bluetooth ect. switch from the lock screen locked. Is there a way to block it or not? When no it would be probably a security issue. I’m using e/ 0.21 on a galaxy s8.

Big thanks to the e/team for all his great work!

On the lock screen, slide down from the top. You’ll see a panel with various settings allowing you to turn of Wifi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data, or turn on Airplane mode (but that will block incoming cals too)

sounds to me like they already know about the quick settings panel, and they want to disable it on the lockscreen so that it can’t be used when the screen is locked.

If that’s the case then the answer - as far as I know - is no, it cannot be disabled. I don’t see it as a big security risk though

On my previous stock android i could choose to have a password request to switch on/off aireplaine wifi or Bluetooth.
It makes sense if your device is stolen or lost and you use a finding app to prevent a third person switch off the connectivity.

Edit: Actually the person could just switch off the phone… So.

Switching off is not an issue if you are dealing with a replaceable battery.
Just take it out.
Even if you have a protective case it may not last longer than seconds for a quick fingered person.

But you are right on the perspective of a possible security problem. I would like to have the choice wheter these settings are accessible without your code.
Some nasty person could take advantage of a few moments of unawareness and just switch on airplane mode to keep you from getting that call…

I just noticed that even for shutting down you can activate password request on stock android.

I have only seen this in Android 11.
Does somebody know where to (de)activate it?