Can't calls from the Contacs

Hi world,

I’m a new and enthusiastic / e / user. I flashed my Samsung A5 2017 a5y17lte with the e-0.16-q-20210414110657-dev and it was fine.

Unfortunately, I noticed that it’s impossible to call directly from the Contacs App. This means that dialer app (the green phone icon) allows you to call by typing numbers but if you recall the Contacs App, Contacts App don’t show the green phone ico.

How can I solve the problem?

Thanks a lot.

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There might be no green icon, but this doesn’t mean you can’t call from the Contacts App.

Please confirm that the following doesn’t work for you:
Open the Contacts App - tap on a contact - tap on a phone number of this contact - the number gets called.

Thanks for the reply Elk.

This is the situation after “tap on a contact”:

This looks like a Telegram contact.
I don’t use Telegram, but I’ve seen Signal contacts, and they include the phone number associated with the phone dialer as well as with Signal, so I could choose how to call.

Perhaps you could edit the contact and add a number associated with the phone dialer yourself?
If the Telegram App created this contact, then for me it’s a question for Telegram why they don’t include the number associated with the phone dialer so you could choose to call this way.

Perhaps I’ve solution.

Previously, in this same smartphone, there was e-0.13 version. When the updater proposed me to upgrade to 0.16 I accepted, but I crashed with the Bootloop problem . So I flashed my phone and I installed the e-0.16 version as new but, obviously, I didn’t save my contacts. So, now, the Dialer App don’t find… contacts.

This night I try to add my .vcf file contacts that I backupped last month, this should work.


[EDIT] I have Signal too, but in the Contacts App I haven’t possibility to call with.

Other question: why I can’t save my contacts in the SIM card? The Only possibility that OS offer to me is in the smartphone.

Android by default only supports importing contacts from a SIM card into the phone storage to be used there.
There are third party Apps adding support for what you want, but I don’t use any, so I can’t advise.

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I imported mi .vcf file and problem is solved.

There are third party Apps adding support for what you want, but I don’t use any, so I can’t advise.

Thank for suggestion, I’ll open a new thread.

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