Can't discard running app notification


I’ve looked at many topics about notifications but many of them are app specific topics.
I’m looking for a kind of generic answer about global notifications settings.

My phone is a e foundation purchased Gigaset GS290.
My system is up to date : /e/OS 1.7-20230110250405

I have some apps that are running in the background without any notification displayed in the status bar.
For example Signal app. And when I get a Signal message a simple notification appears, then I can discard it by swiping on the right and all the notification disappears.

But some other apps are running in the background and I have a notification about that the app is running. When I want to discard it, I try to swipe it on the right, but only a part goes on the right and the wheel of settings appears.
When clicking on this wheel settings, I just get these options :

  • Alerts
  • Mute

I also have a “Disable notifications” option.
None of them interest me because I want to receive notification form this app (like incomming messages) but I don’t want to see all time “This app is running” in the status bar !

I also have another wheel settings on the top right (settings into settings, goooooood …)
When I click on this settings wheel I land in the Application notification settings with these options :

  • Show notifications
  • System Notification (about 6 per day)
  • Advanced

Clicking on the advanced options I get :

  • Authorize the notification badge (pastille?)
  • Minimum time between notification sound

So I can’t see how to disable the notification that tells me that the app is running in the background and in the same time be able to receive real interesting notifications from this app.

And at the end, the best thing would be just to be able, as the others notifications, to just swipe on the right any notification that we just want to discard : When I swipe a notification on the right I want to discard it because I’ve already seen it, that’s all.

Can anybody help me please ?
Thanks for your answers,

Press on “Disable notifications” and disable the notifications that you don’t want to see

Hej @petefoth,

I thought my long message would be clear enough…

If I press on “Disable notifications” it will disable all notifications from this app.
BUT as I wrote, I want to receive useful notifications from this app like incoming messages, but I don’t want to see all the day in the status bar that this application is running in background, I know that it’s running in the background

Sorry - my mistake. You need to long press on the notification, which should bring up information including a 'Turn off notifciations" link. Click the link and you will have a choice of which notifications from that app to disable

Thx for your reply,

I haven’t this options, this is what I only have :

And then, when I click on System Notification :

It’s not in Settings, either the System Settings or your app settings.

See this example for the Telegram FOSS app, which displays a persistent notification to show that Push notifications are enabled, so the app is always running in background. (I use Lwanchair launcher rather than Bliss, bit the functionality comes from the Status bar, not the launcher, so it will behave the same if you are using Bliss

The notification icon is present in the Status bar (on the far left)

Swipe down so you can see the Notification title

Long press the notification, and you will see something like this

Select “Turn off notifications” and you see

Disable the persistent notification (the Push Notifications Service one in this case), the “Done” button changes to “Apply”

  • press “Apply”. The notification is gone from the list of notifications

And from the Status bar

If your app is showing a persistent notification, and does not allow you to turn it off in this way then you should contact the app developers - it’s their problem :slight_smile:

EDIT: Which app is it that causes the problem?


@petefoth: a copy/paste in a [HOWTO]??? :wink:

Thanks for the answer. I saw that issue for Telegram indeed and it will be very helpful

Thx @petefoth,
It’s not really the same on my phone but I found a similar thing, It was just about deactivating “System notification” in app params. For now it works fine, let’s see if it will not reappear :smiley:

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At the end it doesn’t work.
And I agree that I can contact the App devs to notice them about that but It also should be just possible by the OS to simply permit to discard any notification, we can discard some notifications but some of them we just can’t swipe them totally at the right it stay here, why ?
If I swipe my finger on the notification on the right it’s that I know what I’m doing, I’ve seen this notification, I should be able to discard it.
Why some devs want to overthink things ? I can’t understand that and I try to be polite in my message.