Capricorn fingerprint problem

Capricorn(Mi5s) have problem on older fingerprint modules. For example sometimes not read my fingerprint or it opening very late . We can update fingerprint module?

@exploid have you had this issue with the stock / LineageOs4MicroG ROM or have you faced this only on /e/ ?

It’s only older fingerprint module. Mi5s have first version ultrasonic finger print older versions are have this problem. I didn’t use Los 14.1 but I use 15.1 and 16 I didn’t see this problem before.

This may be an issue with Nougat builds as you mentioned this issue is not there on LOS 15.1. This issue may get resolved with the /e/ 0.2 or oreo builds for capricon. Do not have a date on the 0.2 as yet for capricon.

Looping @rhunault for info