CardDav and CalDav are not connecting together

Hi, I try to connect with my caldav and my carddav account based on my synology nas.

If I connect to my Calender it is working fine. I go to Account and add a new webdav login, https://mydomain:CalDavPORT

This work fine

If I try to connect to my Contact it work also fine

I can only connect on or the other account but not together.

If I try to connect both after eachother it will stuck loading information but do not go further.

I’m sure I do something wrong…

which app are you using ? Have you created a WebDav account under Settings/Accounts ?

I think you have to create 2 WebDav accounts under Settings/accounts. One for Contacts and one for Calendars

I’m again a bit confused, sorry

I thought I could connect both Calender and Contacts without WebDav.
If I create a WebDav account with the address of the contacts it works fine.
If I want to add a new WebDav account for the WebCal then it is not working.
If I add first the WebCal as a new WebDav account then it also work fine.

I’m confused…

I just stoped the WebDav server on my nas.

Just to be clear, I do not sync over nextcloud. I decided to sync everything execpt Calender and Contacs with Nextcloud. So I’m talking about the calender app of my synology nas and the carddav server of my nas.

Yes, I have understood that you are talking about your NAS.

Normally the links are like

Could you check in your NAS docu for the right access link ?

That is why I’m confused.

The adressbook link is correct

but the calender link is not. If I go to my calendar I can cal the webdav link https://mynas:NASPORT/caldav/USER

The NASPORT is the nas port to reach my nas backend. So it is not the same as 8443.

OK, have you tried with https://synology_DNS_adresse:8443/calendars/users/user_name/calendar/

you can use the link for testing in a webbrowser. no need vor creating account on device

Still don’t get it. Do I have to create two webdav account to connect both account?

As I said, if I create one I can reach eather the calender with this adress
https://mynas:nasport/calendar/ username and pw

If I connect to my adressbook I use this adresse https://mynas:8443/addressbooks/users/USER/addressbook/

If I try https://synology_DNS_adresse:8443/calendars/users/user_name/calendar/ I get a message that neither the carddav nor the caldav could be found.

yes, sure. That a 2 different links.

it could be that the address is different on your NAs. Better checking your NAS docu

ok if I do so, after entering the information link and user and pw. I can click on connect but then it is loading forever.

than it’s wrong. As I have written, you can test the right link on a webbrowser.

It’s a message like
‘This is the WebDAV interface. It can only be accessed by WebDAV clients such as the Nextcloud desktop sync client.’ <— Example

I have both adresses, they do work fine both of them.
But I can’t add a second webdasv account

OK, let’s try something other. Install DAVx5 from f-droid and try with it

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DAVx5 is nextcloud app?
I’ve installed it but I can’t login. Actually if I log in the browser I alway have to clic in the adress bar and press enter and only then it loads the backend. It seams that after pressing the login button it dosn’t redirect to https://myNextCloud:Port/apps/files/?

I wanted to post the question about this problem, but I wanted to wait until the rest of my problems are fixed.

It look like the nextloud app (davx5) is trying to login same as in my browser but in the ap I cant refresh the link and so I’m stuck in the login proccess. :frowning:

You agree with me, that normaly I would be able to connect two webdav account without problem, right?

If so I will reinstall /e/ on my fairphone 3 and see if this would help fix the problem

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Not really. You have 3 different protocols: CardDav and CalDAv and WebDav. So You need one app which can use all or 3 different apps / accounts

Okay but /e/ should be able to handel this?

Ok after dinner everything looks different :stuck_out_tongue:
I foundout that I downloaded the wrong app, now I do have DAVx5 and it seams to work with it.

What is strange, it creates me two adressbook account but I actualy have only one.

But with this workaround, it seams to be fine.

I personaly do not like workaround, I would prefer that /e/ is suporting this kind of situation a bit better. But to be honest, the problem is probably me being to stupid to instal carddav and caldav on the /e/ OS

You are meaning under Settings/Accounts like this?

That’s OK.

yes similar, I have one for CalDav and two for CardDav.
Why do I get two accounts?